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Spirit's Call™ was founded by Merv Campone and Dorothy Becker to contribute to the transformation of human consciousness and support personal and universal harmony and balance by fully embracing light and love. Their intent was to accomplish this through the integration of healing, learning and the arts.

Merv Campone (1932-2000) was an actor, producer and writer ("The Beachcombers" TV series, the musical Jubalay and much more) who was well known and loved within Canada's creative/artistic community. Merv believed that his creative work often was inspired by Spirit. Dorothy Becker worked in the Lutheran church and with Canadian Lutheran World Relief. They met in 1988 filming videos about CLWR development projects in countries such as Bolivia, Eritria and India. When Dorothy and Merv saw the reality of the lives of the people in these countries, their hearts broke open. They made a shared commitment to help make a difference in the world in a way that would be both spiritually and practically meaningful.

The birth of Spirit's Call was marked by the publication of the book SPIRIT'S CALL - When the Spirit Touches the Soul in 1996 - a collection of haunting verses and lyrics written by Merv Campone and edited by Dorothy Becker, with original illustrations by Kristi Vuorinen. Following Merv's cancer diagnosis, he found healing words and music so helpful to his process that he wanted to bring this support to others. Recorded in Vancouver in 2000, the CD SPIRIT'S CALL - A Companion for Healing offers original meditative flute and guitar music and narration by Dorothy, Merv and Margaret Tobin on themes of mind, body, heart and spirit. In reviewing the CD, Merv's long-time friend Ann Mortifee said:

"As more and more people are seeking to take responsibility for their own healing, Spirit's Call is a very loving response to that need. The music is at times hauntingly beautiful and the words are compassionate and full of heartfelt intent."
-- Ann Mortifee

Margaret Tobin has been an associate of Spirit's Call from the beginning, participating fully in the original visioning process (a refinement of a consultant's business plan) and many other projects and programs. Margaret and Dorothy met in 1994, at the University of Manitoba Counselling Service where Margaret works, when Dorothy was doing counselling training at the university. Together they created "Explorations of the Self - Tap Your Inner Potential" - an eight-week holistic program for U of M students. "Explorations of the Self" workshops and retreats also have been offered to the broader community in Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario - sponsored by the University of Manitoba Counselling Service and Spirit's Call.

Spirit's Call's "Sacred Pilgrimage to Stonehenge" was inspired by Merv's vision and facilitated by Dorothy and Margaret based on the "Explorations of the Self" model. With special permission to be in the centre of Stonehenge (no longer open to the general public) and visits to other ancient sites and sacred places, the Stonehenge trip in May/June 2000 was moving and memorable for all who journeyed there together.

In an "Explorations of the Self" workshop in November 2000 at St. Norbert Arts Centre, people who had been told and believed they could not sing found their voices in new ways and decided to form a choir! Spirit's Call Choir now has been joined by novice to accomplished singers and musicians and welcomes all who want to "find their voice" and sing for the joy!"

It was Merv's dream to have a component of Spirit's Call that would raise funds for development projects through the creative arts. Several of Merv's scripts have been considered for production for this purpose. Through its vision of singing for personal, choral and global harmony, Spirit's Call Choir has become the vehicle for realizing Spirit's Call's development contribution. We feel Merv's spirit is supporting this endeavour and is delighted by our choral adventure!

The legacy of Merv Campone's words continues to provide encouragement and affirmation in challenging times:
  • To divine the secret heartache of another soul and to care deeply is where compassion becomes divine.
  • In times of contentment, search for another quest, so that your soul continues to drink from the fountain of truth.
  • In this existence, true miracles are people sharing their gifts - they are the magic and wonder of spirit.
Spirit's Call is based in Vancouver and Winnipeg and provides a variety of healing, learning and creative opportunities in various locations. The choir is a Winnipeg offering of Spirit's Call.

Margaret Tobin is a founding member, Program Director and occasional Musical Director of Spirit's Call Choir and a Director of Spirit's Call.

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