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Spirit's Call Choir Background

The Spirit's Call Choir grew out of the "Explorations of the Self" workshop on "Exploring Polarities" with Dorothy Becker and Margaret Tobin at St. Norbert Arts Centre in November 2000.

A chanting activity in that workshop supported many who had always thought/been told they could NOT sing to find their voices in new ways.

From that inspiration, our Spirit's Call "Choir" was formed! Others who love to "sing for the joy" have joined us too!

Now in our 2nd season, we're learning to sing in harmony and have an additional vision to support international development projects through choir activities.

Gifted musician and experienced choir director Lyle Eide has joined us this year to help us learn to sing in parts. (Lyle formerly also was a Director of the University of Manitoba Counselling Service.)

In addition to our original piano accompaniment, we also are adding percussion, guitar, violin and interpretive dance to our vocal expression!

WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!!! No singing experience necessary - just the intention to "find your voice" in harmony with others!

The choir is a co-created adventure that offers a sense of community with those who feel a connection to the vision and intentions of Spirit's Call. Margaret Tobin provides Spirit's Call coordination and support for the choir.

Spirit's Call Choir welcomes everyone - those who always thought they could NOT sing and those who love to SING FOR THE JOY!

Spirit's Call Choir supports global harmony as well as personal and choral harmony.

The choir is a co-created adventure that offers a sense of community with those who feel a connection to the vision of Spirit's Call.

How To Join

For more information about the Spirit's Call Choir, or to become a member, please contact:

Dawn Lazar

Notification List

To receive information about upcoming Spirit's Call Choir gatherings and special events please contact:

Dawn Lazar

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Choir Database

The Spirit's Call Choir began in November 2000 with 9 members.

In Fall 2008 & Spring 2009 the choir had 160 members!

A steady and healthy growth in Choir membership is approximated as follows:

2000 - 9 members
2002 - 60 members
2004 - 92 members
2006 - 135 members
2008 - 160 members

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