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Re: Spirit's Call Choir's 5th annual benefit concert for NEST (December 2, 2007)

I sent the YouTube clips of our concert to friends and family as a 'singing' Christmas card.

My friend who is a gifted musician and singer, who leads 2 of the most popular bands in Edmonton (soft rock and country) responded:

Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are good! To get that many people singing in harmony is fantastic. Wow!


I replied back:

Thanks for noticing! This is all the more remarkable, given that many of the members of Spirit's Call Choir either have been told or believed that they couldn't sing. We've been blessed by remarkable directors, who teach us lots.

At one concert, a gifted musician with perfect pitch who is an excellent judge of sound told us that he'd never heard a choir maintain the 'pitch' throughout a concert as well as we did.

On a personal note, I've always struggled to hit notes. (My daughter used to turn up the volume on the radio as soon as I would start singing in the car.)

But confirmation that Spirits Call Choir had done its job came at Norm's dad's memorial. You remember his mom was a singer. We gathered round the piano, and sang ALL NIGHT LONG! The gift for me was that at the end, they all thanked me for coming, and said what beautiful harmonies I sang.

Thank YOU, Spirit's Call

Brian Migie (tenor)

Re: Special invitation to people affected by cancer to join Spirit's Call Choir

I joined Spirit's Call Choir shortly after finishing treatment for a second round of breast cancer.

Part of my journey with cancer was figuring out how I wanted to use my time, because I had this forced realization that I might not get as much time as I want to have. One of the things I knew I loved to do (but had not done for years) was to sing. I had enjoyed singing in choirs as a child and teenager. But it had been so many years that not only was I actually quite rusty (well, really rusty if truth be told!), but I had pretty well decided that I wouldn't find any sort of choir I would enjoy.

However, a friend suggested I come along to Spirit's Call Choir. My experience in the choir has been wonderful! The atmosphere is both joyful and peaceful, the music and the sound are healing. The warmth and encouragement from choir members and from our directors has helped me to build confidence and has allowed me to truly enjoy singing in harmony again.

Joanne Schweitzer (alto)

Miscellaneous Quotes

"Having sung with pleasure as a child I allowed my singing voice to go mostly silent in public after a discouraging comment in school. After many years of not being able to reach the high notes, I have rediscovered the pleasure of singing as an alto. In Spirit's Call Choir, we sing for joy with enthusiastic and talented singers and wonderful conductors who have supported many "newbies" to listen and discover their voices."
Dorcas Wehner (alto)

"I had sung in the bathtub in my early years but any remnants of a singing voice, or so I believed, had disappeared over the next fifty plus years. I had never previously sung with a choir and only attended at the invitation of a close friend. I expected that the occasion would be rigorous and demanding and that I would be made less than welcome because of my inability to carry a tune. I was surprised by my experience. I was made very welcome and the singing is celebratory, lively, good for my soul, and much fun. The Choir helps keep me young, and I am delighted to be a member of a valuable, close, supportive community."
John Buchanan (bass)

"Spirit's Call Choir is about harmony at all levels...and this cannot help but result in personal growth. One of the most exciting things about being in this community of singers is watching people's fears disappear, their confidence grow and their capacity to experience joy in self-expression expand. Success is healing, inspiring...and contagious!"
Carol Runions (tenor)

"Spirit's Call Choir is a real opportunity for me - a person who has spent most of 73 years being certain that, while being fond of music, I could not be a part of actual music making. The choir is providing such an encouraging and creative setting for testing out this unexplored part of myself. I have been moved almost to tears by some of the moments at the practices when it suddenly all comes together in such glorious sound. Thank you!"
Keith Garvie (tenor)

"Singing with Spirit's Call Choir really is a delight, and a model of ways that the world could move forward in harmony. Michael chatting with us about our experience during our singing time is such a lovely innovation for a choir director!"
Elaine Bishop (alto)

"I hear strength in my singing/speaking voice that I never dreamed was possible. Spirit's Call Choir is a place where everyone's voice can soar."
Pat Holden (alto)

"The new and experienced voices in Spirit's Call Choir together create a sound that washes around and through me in a way that's hard to describe. When the choir is hitting all the notes and we're singing songs full of meaning, the joy, the power, intensity and strength of the music is tangibly felt in my bones as well as my heart and soul."
Clark Kenyon (tenor)

"Spirit's Call Choir's vision is that singing is the birthright of everyone. This unique choir offers a supportive environment for remembering, reclaiming and celebrating the spirit and voice of one and all. The choir welcomes all who want to find their voice and "Sing for joy!"
Margaret Tobin (soprano), Spirit's Call Choir Program Director

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