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Spirit's Call™ contributes to personal and universal harmony and transformation through the integration of healing, learning, and the arts. Spirit's Call Choir supports personal, choral, and global harmony and is a Winnipeg offering of Spirit's Call.

Spirit's Call Choir began in November 2000 as an outgrowth of an "Explorations of the Self" workshop with Dorothy Becker and Margaret Tobin when people who had been told or believed they couldn't sing found their voices and decided to form a choir! The choir has become a musical home for novice to accomplished singers and musicians and for those who love to "SING FOR THE JOY!" The choir continues to welcome women and men who thought they couldn't sing.

With standing ovations at large benefit concerts and national conferences and the highly successful launch of the choir's long-awaited 1st CD Spirit's Call Choir - Together in Harmony at The Forks in Winnipeg on June 18, 2005, it is clear that the members of Spirit's Call Choir can sing! Allowing the choir to unfold based on the supportive remembering that singing is the birthright of everyone has been a remarkable adventure!

Choir Culture
Spirit's Call offers a non-audition community choir that is committed to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all who want to sing - whatever their experience. All choir members contribute to this atmosphere of positive acceptance, in singing and other activities.

Essential aspects of choir culture include creating a welcoming atmosphere and climate of safety for individual vocal expression, facilitating group harmony and cohesion, and conveying musical knowledge in a way that is accepting, encouraging, empowering, and joyful. While we do polish things up and delight in making the best sound we can for our "gigs," the beauty of our sound comes from the freedom and energy of joyful singing with intention from the heart more than from critical attention to technical perfection!

Choral Leadership
Spirit's Call Choir is delighted that Jeremy Vallance is continuing as musical director for fall 2006. Prior to this, the choir has developed musically with our gifted directors Lyle Eide, Alex Kirov, and Michael Kurek. We also have enjoyed occasional guest directors and annual "Sing for Your Life!" workshops with Victoria's Shivon Robinsong. The choir's program director Margaret Tobin and other members committed to the choir's goals also provide choral leadership when necessary.

Choral Etiquette
Listening is essential to the success of a community choir. Shivon Robinsong, founder and co-director of Victoria's Gettin' Higher Choir (which also started with people who believed they couldn't sing!) says that singing in harmony is primarily about listening. Listening to others while singing helps those who are learning to find the sound, promotes harmony and ensures the group sound is not dominated by one section or one voice.

Listening to the director during singing times reflects respect for the leader and helps support the group's focused effort. Frequent chatting with other members during singing times can interfere with this process.

Making personal connections with like-minded members is an important component of Spirit's Call Choir. Since the focused singing period does not allow adequate time for socializing, members who want this connection are encouraged to come early or make plans to gather informally outside of singing times. The choir also has periodic "chat times" and special social events (e.g. potlucks, Solstice & other celebrations, restaurant gatherings, etc.) We welcome ideas and contributions from members regarding social activities and other aspects of the choir.

Member Lists
Member contact lists are provided with permission to facilitate individual connections among members. E-mail addresses on this list are for choir information ONLY and are not to be used for mass mailings. A choir bulletin board is available for posting information of interest to other members. Multiple copies of flyers and sign-up lists for participation in other events and activities may be put out on the display tables.

Spirit's Call Choir is a collaborative singing adventure that is built on the contributions of its members. If you have suggestions or concerns, please feel free to raise them during breaks or via the suggestion box available by the bulletin board. Feel free to speak with a member of the choir's Dream/Advisory Team (TBA), your singing section leader (TBA), program director Margaret Tobin or musical director Jeremy Vallance.

Other things to note:
  • Fragrance-free environment - for those sensitive to added scents (no perfumes, scented lotions, etc.)
  • Section Buddies encouraged - for those without e-mail, help learning parts, info if away, etc.

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