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SPIRIT'S CALL CHOIR announces its 'Toast to Freedom' benefit performance - SATURDAY DECEMBER 8th, 2001. The choir will join an array of poets, drummers and dancers to support Amnesty International's fundraiser for International Human Rights Day.

The choir is a diverse blend of voices - bringing together everyone from experienced performers to people who were told they could NOT sing. "People would say all sorts of things - that I was tone deaf . . . off key - and I believed them" Beth Mason - founding choir member and choir Outreach activity.

Spirit's Call Choir Coordinator Margaret Tobin explains - "Our goal is twofold. We support personal growth through the joy of singing with others and the powerful sense of community and healing that can bring. In addition to personal and choral harmony, our vision also includes contributing to global harmony." "The Amnesty event fits well with Spirit's Call's aim to support justice and development projects as part of our choir's activity" - Catherine Côté - choir member and [former] Public Relations.

Now in its 2nd season, the Spirit's Call Choir has grown to over 50 members, added instruments, interpretive dance and choral director Lyle Eide.

'Toast to Freedom' Benefit Performance - 7:00 pm
Norwood United Church
160 St Mary's Road
$10.00 ticket ($5.00 low income)

For MEDIA INQUIRIES about Spirit's Call Choir contact
Heather Emberley at 204-284-7137 or emberley@mts.net.
Heather is our new Public Relations contact as of September 2004.

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