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All her life people told Beth Mason that she couldn't sing.

"People would say all sorts of things - that I was tone deaf . . . off key - and I believed them. I was totally embarrassed about my voice and that made me never want to sing."

That all changed when people like Mason found their voices in new ways and decided to form a choir.

"We don't turn down the Tracy Dahl's of the world - and we're a choir that invites and welcomes those who believe they cannot sing, since our choir grew out of that experience" says Spirit's Call Choir Coordinator Margaret Tobin. Tobin's day job is as a social worker and Counsellor/Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba Student Counselling and Career Centre. Though she provides the coordination and support, "the choir is really co-created adventure. Our repertoire has come from members sharing songs that have touched them in a deep way" says Tobin. The choir sings a wide range of music - including chants, gospel and folk.

The choir is an outgrowth of "Explorations of the Self" workshops conducted by Tobin and Dorothy Becker of Spirit's Call - day-long sessions for people interested in personal growth. "In a chanting activity in one of our workshops, people who always had thought they could NOT sing 'found their voices'. When they allowed themselves to chant in the safety of the workshop environment - one after another, they said with amazement and awe that they actually felt joy and deep release from using their voices. They looked radiant!"

The Spirit's Call Choir has grown to over 40 members and has added instruments and choral director Lyle Eide, formerly the Director of the U of M Counselling Centre.

"It wasn't our intent, but word's gotten around and now there's this demand for us to sing" says Tobin. The choir's first public date is FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2nd, 2001 at the Franco Manitoban Cultural Centre - as part of an evening featuring the music of Lynne Bremault-Parent.

Some of the buzz being generated about the choir is that it involves the audience in its performances. "Folks love to sing and it really adds to the energy and enthusiasm. New members often join - out of the joy and freedom they experience from singing with us" Tobin says.

Tobin has no idea what will happen as the Spirit's Call Choir takes on this new life of public performance. And one thing is certain - the choir will not lose sight of its primary goal - the joy of singing with others and the powerful sense of community and healing that can bring.

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