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As we enter the new millennium, we at Spirit's Call have much to give thanks for and much to anticipate. To convey all of this fully, 3and to make an energetic connection with each of you who have supported Spirit's Call since its inception in November, 1996 (marked by the publication of the book Spirit's Call - When the Spirit Touches the Soul), we are writing to wish you much light and love and to let you know our news.

Transformational Healing Crisis for Spirit's Call

As some of you already know, 1999 was a momentous time of challenge and change for Spirit's Call, as it was for many of you. In addition to our regular activities of individual sessions, "Explorations of the Self" workshops, Reiki trainings, creative projects and other programs, the year brought a transformational healing crisis for Spirit's Call with the diagnosis of Merv Campone with stage 4 colon cancer in April, 1999. We at Spirit's Call were challenged to put into practice all that we believe and know regarding healing and transformation. Now, 8 months later, having made a choice not to receive chemotherapy following his surgery, and with the help of Reiki, GeotranTM meditative sound, complementary therapies and love and light sent from so many, Merv is feeling well. He is on an organic diet with supplements and a total lifestyle change. He has creative energy flowing at a pace that awes us all! Many of the new projects outlined here have been inspired by this healing experience. It also has strengthened our resolve to journey with others on their healing paths toward harmony and balance by fully embracing Light and Love.

New Spirit's Call CD

Our upcoming Spirit's Call CD began as a tape made with Dorothy Becker's voice and Ed Henderson's original meditative guitar music for Merv to use during his healing. Since this was very helpful to Merv, he wanted to make it available for others. Accordingly, the text was expanded into 4 segments - Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit - and additional music was added. The album features talented musicians Ed Henderson on guitar and percussion, Norman Smookler on flutes and percussion, and narration by Dorothy, Margaret and Merv. It was recorded in Vancouver on a new microphone system invented by Ray Wehner. Watch for the CD Launch in Winnipeg on June 17, 2000 at Genesis. (Also available on cassette.)

Spirit's Call Expansion in Winnipeg

Spirit's Call is pleased to announce the expansion of its practitioner team in Winnipeg, and a new location in Winnipeg's Wolseley area. To complement the continuation of Dorothy Becker's beautiful healing energies, Gisèle St. Hilaire, Bobbie Hnatowich and Margaret Tobin now also are available for individual sessions through Spirit's Call.

We are delighted to welcome Gisèle St. Hilaire to the Spirit's Call practitioner team. Gisèle has a background in physiotherapy. She integrates her knowledge of GeotranTM the Feldenkrais Method®, Craniosacral therapy and Reiki to provide a diverse and holistic approach to healing on all levels. Gisèle is passionately committed to the evolution of consciousness and to the divine union of Spirit and Soul. Through her study of sciences and spirituality, Gisèle brings a unique perspective to the work of embracing our greatest potential and divine life purpose. Gisèle now is offering individual appointments and Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons through Spirit's Call (774-3512).

Many of you already know Bobbie Hnatowich from booking appointments and attending workshops. While continuing in her role as Executive Coordinator of Spirit's Call in Manitoba, Bobbie now also is available for individual Reiki/counselling appointments (488-4983). Bobbie brings to Spirit's Call a special combination of social work training, organizational ability and spiritual intention. She integrates her knowledge of holistic methods to support personal and social change - particularly in the areas of addictions, women's issues and the workplace. Bobbie is committed to bringing her heart, mind and soul to every area of her life. Both Bobbie and Gisèle will be working in the new Wolseley space.

As well as continuing to do "Explorations of the Self" workshops with Dorothy and other Spirit's Call activities, Margaret Tobin is also offering individual counselling/Reiki sessions through Spirit's Call (488-0078). Margaret has a background in social work and has worked in counselling and adult education for many years. From the beginning, she has had a strong commitment to balancing and integrating the energies of spirit, mind, body, heart and soul. This interest led her to spend a sabbatical year in Australia investigating powerful methods for supporting transformational personal and social change quickly and easily. Her gentle and affirming approach now includes holistic principles from a variety of methods such as NLP, Timeline, Reiki, Aura Soma, ancient Hawaiian Huna and Yoga.

New Rates for Individual Sessions

In the year 2000, new rates will be in effect for individual sessions with Spirit's Call practitioners in both Vancouver and Winnipeg. The rate for Reiki, Aura Soma and counselling sessions is now $60. plus G.S.T. The rate for GeotranTM sessions is now $80. plus G.S.T. The previous options for a sliding scale or installment payments will still apply when requested.

Expansion of Artistic Team in Vancouver

Spirit's Call is honoured to add gifted musician Ed Henderson to its creative/artistic team in Vancouver. Ed has been very actively creating music since 1972 for theatre, records, film and concert. He has received numerous awards for his work: a JUNO for EL CAMINO REAL with ANCIENT CULTURES, DORA MAVOR MOORE and JESSIE awards for theatrical music direction and many more for his commercial compositions while music director of HARK productions in Toronto In 1998 Ed formed Miracle Records Inc.,with Merv Campone and they released A WORLD CHRISTMAS which featured Ed and his band WorldFest with Jon Washburn conducting the Vancouver Chamber Choir.

Sacred Pilgrimage to Stonehenge - Full Moon - June, 2000

Spirit's Call's Sacred Pilgrimage to Stonehenge was postponed due to Merv's illness. The trip is now scheduled for the time of full moon in June, 2000 - May 31 - June 7 (7 days and 6 nights). The program will include visits to the Chalice Well, Avebury, The Glastonbury Tor and other ancient spiritual places. Merv, Dorothy, Margaret and Bobbie will be joined by Ed and Gisèle, who will contribute their special gifts of sound and movement to the energies of the Spirit's Call team for this special Millennium Event.

Spirit's Call Greeting Card

To celebrate the millennium, Spirit's Call has produced a greeting card from one of Kristi Vuorinen's original illustrations in the book Spirit's Call - When the Spirit Touches the Soul. The card will be available for sale through Spirit's Call in Winnipeg and Vancouver, and at some healing bookstores and card shops in those cities.

Future Projects

Regarding projects we are working on for the future, plans are well underway to form a "Spirit's Call Development Society" which will raise funds to aid international development projects. Preliminary discussions have taken place regarding the production of a video on Dr. Roger Rogers and the Centre for Integrated Healing in Vancouver, which are central to Merv's healing. We are exploring collaborative possibilities within the artistic community, including an exhibit at a Winnipeg gallery of the original illustrations done by Kristi Vuorinen for the book Spirit's Call - When the Spirit Touches the Soul. Preliminary plans include a multi-media opening with live performances of songs from the musical Jubalay, on which many of the verses in the book are based. In the spring of 2000, Merv and Dorothy will be filming in the Middle East and Ethiopia to produce videos on sustainable development for Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR).


To conclude, we know that through the interconnectedness of all that is, we can draw support from one another, from Spirit and from Source. Our deepest thanks go to all of you who have supported us through these remarkable times. We at Spirit's Call send our support and love to you as we move more fully into this time of profound personal and global change and transformation.

Yours in the Light,

Merv Campone, Dorothy Becker,
Margaret Tobin, Bobbie Hnatowich,
Ed Henderson, Gisèle St. Hilaire

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