Spirit's Call
 Spirit's Call Book: When the Spirit Touches the Soul
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Spirit's Call Book: When the Spirit Touches the Soul

Verses and lyrics: Merv Campone
Illustrations: Kristi Vuorinen
Compilation and Editing: Dorothy Becker
Layout and Design: Pegasus Design
ISBN: 0-961490-0-6
Number of pages: 77
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When the Spirit touches Merv's Soul, and if he is open and takes the time to allow it to flow through his pen, lyrical images appear to capture dark, light and all colours in between. These images reflect the essence of the hearts and minds of those who have shared his journey over the years. Artists, lovers, the lonely, visions, death and wonder - all are subjects. War, peace and city streets are the canvasses. Faith and emotions become the delicate brushes and harsh palette knives. And when an artist such as Kristi takes these lyrical images and makes them her own, something enchanting happens. Now together, words and paintings portray Spirit and Soul in a way to which all can relate.

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