Spirit's Call
 Spirit's Call CD: A Companion for Healing
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Spirit's Call CD: A Companion for Healing

Tracks: 1 - Incantation (4:34)
2 - Body (16:25)
3 - Garden (3:27)
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4 - Heart (10:00)
5 - Dawn (2:06)
6 - Mind (11:08)
7 - Gentle Rain (3:36)
8 - Spirit (7:19)
9 - Prayer (3:25)

Our Spirit's Call CD began as a tape made with Dorothy Becker's voice and Ed Henderson's original meditative guitar music for Merv to use during his healing. Since this was very helpful to Merv, he wanted to make it available for others. Accordingly, the text was expanded into 4 segments - Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit - and additional music was added.

The album features talented musicians Ed Henderson on guitar and percussion, Norman Smookler on flutes and percussion, and narration by Dorothy, Margaret and Merv.

It was recorded in Vancouver on a new microphone system invented by Ray Wehner, and later launched in Winnipeg on June 17, 2000 at Genesis.

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