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 Team Member Profile: Margaret Tobin (1945 - 2014)
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Margaret Tobin See also: Tribute to Margaret Tobin

Margaret Tobin brought to Spirit's Call more than three decades of experience in social work, student services, counselling and adult education. Margaret had her Master of Social Work degree, was a registered social worker in the province of Manitoba and was a Senior Scholar with the University of Manitoba Student Counselling and Career Centre. Margaret had additional training in numerous transformational approaches, including Reiki, The Way of the Heart, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Exploration, Ancient Hawaiian Huna, various expressive affective methods and singing in community.

From the beginning, Margaret had a strong commitment to balancing and integrating all aspects of human knowledge and experience, and to strengthening the connection to Spirit and Source. Throughout her career she had consistently sought more meaningful and effective ways of living and working. After training and working in more traditional ways, Margaret spent a sabbatical in Australia in 1993-94, investigating transformational methods for supporting powerful personal and social change.

When Margaret returned to the University of Manitoba Counselling Service in 1994, she met Dorothy Becker, who was pursuing counselling training in the Service. Out of the powerful synchronicity of their beliefs and intentions, Margaret and Dorothy co-created the program "Explorations of the Self - Tap your Inner Potential". This program was popular from the beginning, as an offering both of the University of Manitoba Counselling Service and of Spirit's Call.

Margaret was co-founder and Program Director of Spirit's Call Choir in Winnipeg. The choir began in an Explorations of the Self workshop in 2000 when people who had been told and believed they could not sing found their voices and decided to form a choir. The choir grew to over 150 novice to accomplished singers and musicians and has released two CD's. Through the vision to sing for personal, choral and global harmony, Spirit's Call Coir's popular benefit concerts and other contributions fulfill Spirit's Call's intention to support development work through the creative arts. (For more information about Spirit's Call Choir click on choir).

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