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Merv Campone (1932 - 2000) See also: Still Supported by Merv Campone
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As a co-founder of Spirit's CallTM, Merv brought a rare combination of successful creative accomplishment and business acumen. He had over 30 years of experience in writing, film and television production, PR and business management. For the first nine years of its production, he was head writer for "The Beachcombers", Canada's longest running dramatic television series. He also wrote numerous documentaries, columns, stage plays, a stage musical, and written and published three books, including, Spirit's Call - When the Spirit Touches the Soul. As a Director, Producer and Executive Producer, Merv had over two hundred and fifty network drama and other programs to his credit.

With this background, Merv formed World Television Productions Inc. (WTPI). WTPI and its associate companies produced over two hundred programs and specials. Merv produced and also served as instructor in media preparation and awareness seminars for CEO's, and upper management and government groups. He was a consultant and has produced press conferences for major firms (ALCAN/Canadian Hotels). He taught courses and conducted seminars on writing for film and television drama for a number of post-secondary institutions and for broadcasters (University of Windsor, Emily Carr College of the Arts, Capilano College, BC Institute of Technology, the CBC and BCTV).

Merv was Executive Producer for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, and for Canadian Lutheran World Relief. In this role, Merv wrote, directed and produced documentaries world wide.

Merv was a member of the Creative Advisory Boards of SUPERCHANNEL and VISION TV and a member or director of various others boards. Most recently, he was the president of Budget Production Services Inc. in Vancouver, Canada and of Spirit's Call.

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