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Merv Campone (1932 - 2000)
Merv Campone (1932 - 2000)
Co-founder of Spirit's Call

Many have been touched by the energy of Spirit's Call, and therefore by the light and love of the man who co-founded it - Merv Campone. Merv died peacefully at his home in Langley, B.C. on December 29, 2000.

Merv was an actor, producer and writer (CBC's "The Beachcombers," the musical Jubalay and much more) who was well known and loved within Canada's creative/artistic community. Merv believed that his creative work often was inspired by spirit. To express that aspect more directly, Merv and holistic practitioner Dorothy Becker founded Spirit's Call - marking its birth with the publication of the book SPIRIT'S CALL - When the Spirit Touches the Soul in 1996.

Four years later, the launch in Winnipeg of the CD "SPIRIT'S CALL - A Companion for Healing" in June, 2000 at Genesis Books marked the fruition of a project about which Merv was passionate. Merv, Dorothy, and musicians Ed Henderson and Norman Smookler all came to Winnipeg from B.C. for that event. With live music, readings and refreshments, the launch was a memorable celebration of light and love. Many have felt a resonance with this recording of beautiful sounds and words. (Reviewed in the Fall 2000 issue of the Winnipeg paper The Aquarian.)

Spirit's Call's "Sacred Pilgrimage to Stonehenge" in May/June of 2000 was also inspired by Merv's vision. With special permission to be in the centre of Stonehenge (no longer open to the general public) and visits to other ancient sites and sacred places, the Stonehenge trip was moving and memorable for all who journeyed there together.

Merv's support was also vital to many other Spirit's Call activities. The individual sessions, Reiki classes and Geotran Introductory courses offered by Dorothy Becker through Spirit's Call have contributed significantly to the range of credible opportunities for energetic healing and training in Manitoba and B.C. Many have said that the "Explorations of the Self" workshops conducted by Dorothy and Margaret Tobin and organized through Spirit's Call have had an important impact on their lives.

A couple of years ago Merv was diagnosed with colon cancer and in the fall of 2000 it spread to his liver. Loved by many in his lifetime, Merv was honoured with much beauty, love, light and laughter at the time of his passing.

We at Spirit's Call believe the spirit of Merv Campone is still supporting us as we continue our work of contributing to the evolution of human consciousness and to personal and universal harmony and balance by fully embracing light and love. The legacy of Merv's words continues to provide encouragement in challenging times and powerful affirmation of the fullness of human experience:

  • To divine the secret heartache of another soul and to care deeply is where compassion becomes divine.
  • In this existence, true miracles are people sharing their gifts - they are the magic and wonder of spirit.
  • In times of contentment, search for another quest, so that your soul continues to drink from the fountain of truth.

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