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 Workshop: Awareness Through Movement
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Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) is an aspect of the FELDENKRAIS METHOD®, which is a unique approach to learning, using movement to access the potential of the nervous system to bring about new, more efficient, comfortable and healthier ways of action.

With each ATM Lesson you are verbally guided through a sequence of gentle movements designed to create new skills or improve existing ones. The process is gradual and supportive, with emphasis on the learning process rather than reaching a specific goal. With the FELDENKRAIS METHOD, movement is not taught mechanically or analytically. Rather, movement is used as a tool in a process of guided self-discovery. The Method can help anyone learn to improve at whatever level desired: be it to move with greater ease and comfort, to be more flexible, or to realize oneself more profoundly.

As most lessons are done lying or sitting on the floor, a thin mat or a blanket or two will be needed. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.
Time and Location

10 Tuesdays:
February 15 - April 18, 2000
at 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Fort Garry United Church
800 Point Rd.
Winnipeg, MB

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