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New Program: The Temple
Join us for this time of exploration and experiential exchange as we step into the Great Mystery of ourselves. We will explore the Human Energy Field and its relationship to health and life on many levels.

The Temple
with Dorothy Becker & Lois Ross

Class times:
October - 29-31, 2009
January - 21-23, 2010
April - 15-17, 2010
June - 17-19, 2010
Shaughnessy Heights
United Church
1550 - 33rd St.
Vancouver, BC
Spirit's Call

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"Explorations of the Self" Facilitators
Margaret Tobin and Dorothy Becker create "Explorations of the Self" workshops and retreats which offer gentle, rejuvenating, affirming opportunities for self-exploration and transformation. Dorothy and Margaret are both highly trained professionals and experienced workshop presenters who integrate many different perspectives and incorporate holistic methods in their work. When their energies come together with those who are open to discovering their deepest gifts in an atmosphere of integrity and trust, magical moments unfold. Margaret Tobin and Dorothy Becker

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  • The Way of the Heart™ Classes
    For more information please see www.thewayoftheheart.com or email/phone Dorothy Becker.

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