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 Workshop: Explorations of the Self: The Creative Expression of your Life Purpose
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Explorations of the Self

(3 workshops for Women)

Session 1

  • an inward path
  • an active theme
  • a single word
  • paper, ink and thread

With remarkable immediacy, these simple methods and materials can awaken your inner awareness and creative spirit. Begin to express your themes, discover your purpose and create a very personal container for your thoughts, stories, energy, emotions and intentions.

Session 2

  • a simple line
  • a powerful mark
  • a mysterious shape
  • stories develop
  • visions emerge

Continue to clarify and explore your life purpose, your preferred stories and your creative self. Through contemplation and movement, a personal dialogue interweaving emotions, themes and spirit spontaneously emerges. Expression through words, lines, marks and shapes builds on the hand-made books from session 1.

Session 3

  • stories tranform
  • a purpose unfolds
  • paper, lines, shapes, words
  • a single thread

Discovery manifests. A powerful and meaningful container for the ongoing expression of the physical, emotional and spiritual self in this session truly becomes your own. Using various methods and materials, we will embellish our stories and our books to create a completed and even more personal expression of our purpose in this lifetime.

Please Note

Ideally each program builds on and deepens the earlier exploration. However, newcomers are welcome at any session. They also can explore preferred stories, make a finished book and have a complete experience.

Dates and Location

November 1998, February 1999 and May 1999 at St. Norbert Arts & Cultural Centre (SNACC)


Darci Adam, M.A. (Theatre), M.Ed.Psych. (in progress)

Darci combines her gifts gifts in drama, education, counselling, and movement to create unique opportunities for telling and transforming stories and ourselves.

Debbie Danelley, Dip.Art (Gold Medal)

Debbie is a gifted Winnipeg artist who combines exquisite materials and found objects to give distinctive expression to the themes and beauty of human experience.

Dorothy Becker, M.Div., M.Ed.Psych. (in progress)

Dorothy has worked as a counsellor, writer and ordained minister. She has extensive training in a variety of holistic methods and is now involved full-time with Spirit's Call, a spritually-focussed organization which she co-founded with writer/producer Merv Campone to support the transformation of human consciousness through the integration of healing, learning and the arts.
Click here for Dorothy's photo and profile.

Margaret Tobin, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Margaret is a counsellor and Associate Professor with the University of Manitoba Counselling Service and an associate of Spirit's Call. She has over 25 years of experience in student services, counselling, social work and adult education. She spent a sabbatical year in Australia investigating powerful methods for supporting transformational personal and social change quickly and gently and uses a variety of holistic methods in her work.
Click here for Margaret's photo and profile.

Bobbie Hnatowich, B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W. (in progress)

Bobbie participated in developing the first 2 Explorations of the Self programs as part of her training in the U of M Counselling Service and now co-facilitates the weekly Explorations of the Self university student group. She adapted Explorations of the Self for use with adolescent women in the TERF (training/education resources for females) program and is developing applications of these methods for the area of addictions and in the workplace.


Sponsored by the University of Manitoba Counselling Service and Spirit's Call.

These programs are open to University of Manitoba students and community participants.

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