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 Retreat: Explorations of the Self: A Day at Spirit Sands
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Explorations of the Self


To explore the theme of transformation through an experience with nature, community, visioning, movement, silence and sound. . .

- join us for -

This self exploration opportunity in Manitoba's magical desert environment:
  • A time to invite transformation by celebrating the fall Equinox and embracing the changing seasons - shedding the old and going inward to dream, vision and create the new

  • A chance to experience our deepest essence and our connection to all that is

  • An outdoor adventure with like-minded souls

  • An opportunity for women and men together to help access and integrate the energies of spirit, mind, body, heart and soul

Special Guests

Henry Zacharias (Drumming circles)

Henry's energy & wonderful instruments offer beautiful possibilities for the collective creation of rhythm & sound.

Darci Adam (Expressive arts)

Darci's spirit and special gifts facilitate creative expression, body awakening & connection to the elements of nature.

We are honoured and delighted that Darci and Henry are able to join us for this workshop!
Time and Location

at Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba (approximately 2 1/2 hours west of Winnipeg)

Sunday, September 23, 2001

Getting There and Back
  • 8:30 am - meet for car pools at a central Winnipeg location

  • participants from outside Wpg. may join us there by previous arrangement

  • 9 pm / completion - arrive back in Winnipeg (approximate return time)

What to Bring
  • sturdy closed-in walking shoes
  • comfortable layered clothing
  • back pack
  • water bottle
  • provisions for lunch / snacks / supper
  • towel / blanket / sheet for sitting on the ground
  • journal / pen(s)
  • percussion / sound-making instruments / objects if available
  • hat / sunglasses / sunscreen
  • personally meaningful objects / camera / binoculars if desired


Sponsored by The University of Manitoba Counselling Service and Spirit's Call

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Photo Gallery

Receiving from the Forest
-- Receiving from the Forest --

Ascending the Tower (1)
-- Ascending the Tower (1) --

Ascending the Tower (2)
-- Ascending the Tower (2) --

Lunch on the Dunes
-- Lunch on the Dunes --

Margaret Tobin, Vijaya (Beth Martens), Henry Zacharias, Linda Zacharias
-- Margaret Tobin, Vijaya (Beth Martens), Henry Zacharias, Linda Zacharias --

Drumming Circle
-- Drumming Circle --

-- Drumming --

Darci Adam, Dorothy Becker, Kim White
-- Darci Adam, Dorothy Becker, Kim White --

Henry and Linda Zacharias
-- Henry and Linda Zacharias --

Nadine Konyk
-- Nadine Konyk --

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