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 Workshop: Explorations of the Self: "The Invitation" Exploring Polarities
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Explorations of the Self

"The Invitation"

If you are conscious of polarities in your life and want to live in ways that honour both aspects . . .

- join us for -

Another local opportunity to explore how to balance polarities (theme of Spirit's Call's A Sacred Pilgrimage to Stonehenge in June, 2000):
  • A chance to identify, dialogue with and integrate aspects such as feminine & masculine...physical & spiritual...intuitive & intellectual...separation & union...emotional & rational...mind & body...fight & flight...joy & pain...light & dark...fear & courage . . .

  • A time to honour the fullness of life's gifts and challenges - as beautifully expressed in Oriah Mountain Dreamer's inspiring poem and book by the same name - The Invitation - published by Harper Collins (1999)
    (Permission to use this title and encouragement for the workshop were obtained from Oriah Mountain Dreamer)

  • A celebration of our unfolding journeys with like-minded souls

  • An opportunity for women and men together to access and integrate the energies of spirit, mind, body, heart and soul - with this 3rd workshop offering more opportunities for expression through movement and sound

  • Special guest for 3rd workshop - Darci Adam M.A. (Theatre), M. Ed. Psych
    Darci worked with us for the 3 "Creative Expression of Your Life Purpose" workshops at SNAC in 1998/99. Her gifts in drama, movement and creative expression helped us to express and transform our stories in new ways. We are honoured and delighted that Darci is able to join us again for this workshop!
Margaret Tobin and Dorothy Becker
-- Margaret & Dorothy --

Time and Location

3 Sundays at St. Norbert Arts Centre (SNAC):
  • November 19, 2000
  • February 18, 2001
  • Sunday, April 22, 2001 (3rd of a series)
9:30 am to 5:30 pm

What to Bring
  • bag lunch
  • mug, journal
  • pen(s)
  • pillow
  • blanket / towel / chair for sitting on the floor
  • personally meaningful items representing polarities in your life


Sponsored by The University of Manitoba Counselling Service and Spirit's Call

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Photo Gallery (April 22, 2001)

The setting
-- The setting --

Lowering the veils
-- Lowering the veils --

Darci Adam cutting down the veils
-- Darci Adam cutting down the veils --

Making the jewellery
-- Making the jewellery --

'Marriage to Self' Ceremony - Dorothy Becker officiating
-- 'Marriage to Self' Ceremony - Dorothy Becker officiating --

The Ceremony
-- The Ceremony --

The Dance (1)
-- The Dance (1) --

The Dance (2)
-- The Dance (2) --

The Group
-- The Group --

Margaret and Dorothy
-- Margaret and Dorothy --

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