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To honour our founder Margaret Tobin, the Spirit's Call Choir has been renamed Margaret's Choir. Visit our website at:


Upcoming Choir Events

Margaret's Choir - CanU Benefit Concert 2014
Notice to Choir members and new members
Spirit's Call Choir Spring 2014 Benefit Concert
Article: Great Beginnings by Heather Emberley
Spring season - Starts Sunday January 12, 2014

Spirit's Call Choir 6th annual benefit concert for NEST - Nov 30, 2008 (photo by Dianne Renick)
Spirit's Call Choir 6th annual benefit concert for NEST - Nov 30, 2008. (photo by Dianne Renick)

Recent Choir Announcements

Spirit's Call Choir - Global Harmony Initiatives - May 2014 Report
Start of Fall season - Sunday September 8, 2013
Spring season - Starts Sunday January 13, 2013
Fall season - Starts Sunday September 9, 2012
Spirit's Call Choir - featured in MTS documentary
Spring Season - Starts Sunday January 15th, 2012
Fall Season - Starts Sunday September 11th, 2011
Spring Season - Starts January 16, 2011
Musical Director - Jeremy Vallance
Spirit's Call Choir CD - Together in Harmony
Special invitation to people affected by cancer to join Spirit's Call Choir

About the Choir

Welcome to Spirit's Call Choir!
About Spirit's Call
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Quotes From the Choir
Quotes From the Choir
This is what members have to say about Spirit's Call Choir:

"Thanks so much to Margaret and Spirit's Call Choir for the support and consideration of new, and often, uncertain singers. I was definitely one of those uncertain singers, when I joined, and with the love, support and encouragement of many beautiful angels, I'm becoming more and more certain all the time. It's a miracle what Margaret and Jeremy and the whole choir do. Spirit's Call Choir provides such a feeling of love and safety, for people like me, who could barely let out a squeak before. And now....I'm actually letting people hear me sing. It really is a miracle!! And it's having wonderful benefits for the rest of my life, too. I'm speaking up more, and feeling more empowered in general. And the JOY!! Singing brings me such joy. Thank you so much, Spirit's Call Choir!"
Robbin RainSong (alto)

"Having sung with pleasure as a child I allowed my singing voice to go mostly silent in public after a discouraging comment in school. After many years of not being able to reach the high notes, I have rediscovered the pleasure of singing as an alto. In Spirit's Call Choir, we sing for joy with enthusiastic and talented singers and wonderful conductors who have supported many "newbies" to listen and discover their voices."
Dorcas Wehner (alto)

"I had sung in the bathtub in my early years but any remnants of a singing voice, or so I believed, had disappeared over the next fifty plus years. I had never previously sung with a choir and only attended at the invitation of a close friend. I expected that the occasion would be rigorous and demanding and that I would be made less than welcome because of my inability to carry a tune. I was surprised by my experience. I was made very welcome and the singing is celebratory, lively, good for my soul, and much fun. The Choir helps keep me young, and I am delighted to be a member of a valuable, close, supportive community."
John Buchanan (bass)

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Public Relations and Media Inquiries
Member Survey Results (May 2002)
Thank-You Note (November 2001)

Recent Choir Events

Fall Benefit Concert Announcement
Benefit Concert Announcement
Benefit Concert for the North Point Douglas Women's Centre - December 9, 2012
Spirit's Call Choir featured at World Peace Partners Concert - September 21, 2012
Spring 2012 Benefit Concert
10th Anniversary Concert - December 11th, 2011
Culture Days - October 2nd, 2011
Mother's Day Benefit Concert
Sing for your life! with Shivon Robinsong
Shivon Robinsong - back by popular demand!
Spirit's Call Choir at St. Vital Centre - December 19, 2010
8th annual benefit concert for NEST - Sun. December 12, 2010
Hands of Hope : Benefit Concert - Saturday May 8, 2010 @ 7:30pm
2009 NEST Benefit Concert & CD Launch
June 6, 2009 - Benefit Concert
Spirit's Call Choir - Singing at the Winnipeg Art Gallery
Record-Breaking Holiday Sing Along!
Spirit's Call Choir - Special Community Event
Spirit's Call Choir CD Launch
Tsunami Relief Contribution

Choir in the News

Article in Winnipeg Free Press, December 3, 2014 -
Choir finds joy and sorrow in transformation

[December 2014]
CBC Radio Interviews Margaret Tobin, Co-Founder & Program Director of the Spirit's Call Choir
[April 2010]
CBC Radio Interviews Spirit's Call Member Martha Epstein
[March 2008]
CTV Article and Video, May 21, 2007 -
Winnipeg choir joyfully celebrates mediocrity

[May 2007]
Excerpt from Winnipeg Free Press Article, June 15, 2005 -
Choir Heeded Spirit's Call to Record CD by Morley Walker

[June 2005]
Ad in Winnipeg Free Press, June 12, 2005 -
The Spirit's Call Choir by Fred Brick

[June 2005]
Spirit's Voice Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 1 by Clark Kenyon
[February 2004]
Article in Winnipeg Free Press, February 3, 2004 -
I Traded My Shower Cap for a Choir Uniform by Heather Emberley

[February 2004]
Article in Winnipeg Free Press, January 29, 2003 -
MAGICAL Melodic Mix by Carolin Vesely

[January 2003]
Article in The Aquarian, Winter 2002, Vol 9, Issue 4 -
The Spirit's Call Choir by Syd Baumel

[Winter 2002/03]
Article in Manitoba Journal of Counselling
Special Issue on Expressive Arts, Vol. XXVIII No. 3
"Spirit's Call Choir - The Choir for People Who Thought They Couldn't Sing" by Margaret Tobin

[June 2002]
Press Release #2
[December 2001]
CBC Radio Interview with Terry MacLeod
[November 2001]
Press Release #1
[October 2001]
Spirit's Call Newsletter
[Summer 2001]

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